Worth Testimonials

"I bought my dream home in 2007 and purchased Worth in 2008.  In 2017 I will have my dream home paid off.  That's 1/3 of the time scheduled by the banks, with a savings of $223,000.  You know sometimes you get excited about a product and over time you become disillusioned?  It has been the opposite with Worth.  I was excited about it from the start and it just keeps impressing me more and more.  Worth is the real thing!"  

Sam S.

"The program is an excellent tool for money management discipline. Sure wish this was available to me much sooner in my life. Overall, thanks for an excellent program."

Omer & Juanita L.

"As a single woman, I look forward to the savings I will receive from my program. Best of all, to the peace of mind of facing retirement age without a mortgage payment!"

Victoria C.

"We have really enjoyed using the software. It has made us really look at ways to budget our expenses and see how fast we can finish our mortgage off, much faster than we had ever thought. Thank you!"

Jeremy & Heather S.

"This company has changed my life in so many ways! I have always been a good money manager but never had a way to see exactly what my money was doing. Now I have that! It's like having a financial planner at my fingertips every day all day!"

Karen & Steve G.

"I cannot tell you how excited I am heading toward paying off our mortgage and our 2nd mortgage in less than 5 years. Light at the end of the tunnel! Thank you for such a wonderful program!!!"

Carrie T.

"I just wish someone would have introduced me to this a long time ago!!!"

Rodney & Elizabeth A.

"This is a very effective yet simple system that forces one to face their debt and focus on paying it down, while at the same time being more conscious of future spending."

Araceli S.

"WOW! I showed the Program to my financial planner. He said every homeowner in America should be using this program. He is now showing every client in his data base the Program!"

Keith W.

"We are so relieved to have found your company. We have always wondered what it would feel like to own our home. But, since our payoff was so far away, it didn't feel like a possibility. Since we have been introduced to your company and we can really see an end to our debt, we are so excited that we can hardly sleep! We've taken our debt from 27 years to 12 years to be paid in full! Most likely, we will have it paid off even sooner! Thank you!!!"

Joe & Crystal T.

"What a powerful tool! This is a life-changing product for those who choose to participate."

Tom & Tracy R.

"It is such a blessing to be able to have a way to monitor how we are doing with our 'get out of debt plan.'  The program structure has given us a great tool that has helped us become much more aware of our spending habits. Thanks for such a life-changing product!"

Harry & Wenda E.