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There are 3 ways to save on the services you use everyday!  Pick the option that works best for you, your family, and your business:

1Change service providers.  Many families are paying less simply by switching to recommended service providers.

2Bring others with you.  When you invite 5 paying cell phone customers, your cell phone bill is FREE*!  Invite 12 paying energy customers and your energy is FREE*!  (*You pay taxes only for as long as those customers remain on the service.)

3Become an Independent Business Owner and pay yourself when you pay your bills.  As an IBO, when you switch your services to recommended service providers, a percentage of each bill you and your customers pay is returned to you as residual income.

And it gets better...

Every time someone signs up for the recommended services,
one meal will be donated to a child in need. 

Every time a customer pays their monthly bill for select services,
another meal will be provided.

For more information, talk to John at (941) 315-5801.