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Bozer & Associates is a family owned and operated benefit and financial strategies company founded 1993.  

John Bozer started his career in Information Technology in 1988 while a student at Eastern Mennonite University in Virginia.  He graduated with a Bachelor's of Science in Computer Information Systems and continued working in his field of study for the next 27 years. While working full time in the IT department of Florida's largest worker's compensation insurance company, in 1993 John founded Bozer & Associates to provide IT consulting on the side.  He went on to earn his Master's Degree in Business Administration from Columbia Southern University.  John worked 15 years as an Information Technology executive in the field of healthcare, managing a multi-million dollar budget and keeping his employer equipped with state of the art technology solutions.  

In 2015 Bozer & Associates reorganized to offer voluntary benefits, debt elimination, and wealth building opportunities.  In 2018 Bozer & Associates was structured as an LLC, S-Corp.  John is now working full-time for Bozer & Associates, LLC, as a Benefit and Financial Strategist, providing solutions for individuals and companies to help them achieve their financial goals.  In addition to his extensive IT education and experience, he achieved his 2-15 license in the state of Florida for Life, Health, and Annuities.  John provides a wide range of services, all with the intent of directing his clients toward a brighter future.  These services include:

  1. Benefits - insurance options for all ages including Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplements, life insurance, final expenses, cancer, critical care, short term disability, and other voluntary benefits 
  2. Debt Elimination - providing 21st century technology solutions to help people achieve financial freedom
  3. Wealth Building - helping clients plan for retirement so that work is an option, not a requirement
  4. Business Opportunity - coaching those who wish to become independent business owners, which opens doors to unlimited potential
  5. Reduced Expenses - showing how to reduce and possibly eliminate the cost of select essential services (cell phone, home phone, internet, TV, energy, security, smart home, payment processing)  

In his free time, John can be found on the golf course or at the archery range.  In the spring of 2016 he was awarded several gold and silver medals for archery at the Sunshine State Games.  John is a Level II archery instructor who enjoys teaching others to appreciate the sport and hone their marksman skills.